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Advertising boards and Flat signs

Flat signboards, sidewalk signs / Billboards - are one of the types of outdoor advertising, they are used mostly without lighting.

Advertising boards are made of a durable aluminum composite material, 2-3 mm thick (Dibond, Alyubond, Skybond).

Aluminum composite material, applied with a single-color plotter self-adhesive film or full-color printed self-adhesive film, which after large-format printing is laminated with a transparent film. Lamination of the printed film is a protection from the effects of ultraviolet rays and moisture, thereby increasing the life of the film.

Flat billboards made of aluminum composite material are mounted on the facades of buildings, on roof structures, on scaffolding, etc.


Application / full wrapping of shop windows and vehicles.

There are several ways of pasting / applying:

- plotter film manufacturer Oracal (Germany),
- full-color printed film, performed by large-format printing technology,
- a perforated film with a mesh structure, it is also called "one way vision"

After large-format printing, the film is left to dry for 24 hours, then LAMINATED,
Lamination protects the film from burnout and external damage.