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Backlit channel letters light is directed to the sides and back

  • Material: Acrylic opal + color plexiglass / acrylic
  • Letter thickness: 13 mm
  • Backlight: LED light-emitting diodes

Illuminated volumetric letters

Light volumetric letters - is one of the most prestigious types of advertising, these 3D letters are also called relief letters, their effect is manifested in the dark and dark time of the day, they are well combined with other carriers of light outdoor advertising - light boxes.
Volumetric letters made for outdoor advertising are reliable and durable, resistant to atmospheric influences: to precipitation and temperature changes.

Each voluminous letter is in itself a small advertising signboard with its own frame and light filling.
Its great to use Illuminated volumetric letters in outdoor advertising.

Promotional 3D letters can be of any size and are made of different materials:

  • aluminum
  • metal
  • plexiglass / acrylic

Metallic elements of light volumetric letters are painted with powder paint.
Volumetric letters from metal with backlighting back, also called "contoured illumination", are mounted at a distance (25-50mm) from the wall / facade.
Plexiglass / acrylic is covered with vinyl film in color.

Light advertising letters are mounted on the facades of buildings or roof installations.

  • metal relief letters, front side and sides / profile, which are made of metal and aluminum, are mounted at distances, have the effect of flashing back / to the facade of the building, SMD LEDs with light "WHITE COLD", "DAY" , WHITE TEPLY ", as well as" COLOR "or RSL LED LEDs
  • letters combined, from metal / aluminum and plexiglass / acrylic, are mounted directly on the wall or on roof installations, this kind of voluminous letters shines only the front side, which is made of colored acrylic / plexiglass, the letters are illuminated by LEDs "WHITE", "COLOR" "or the RSL
  • letters, front side and sides / profile, which are made from dairy or colored acrylic, shine on both sides - front and profile, LED lights are placed on the back of the volumetric letter, which is made of PVC

There are a lot of ways to make light letters: with a contrasting light (back lighting), with a glow of the sides, the front part and with other visual effects.
When using a color internal illumination, the colors are more saturated.

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