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Large format printing


A few years ago, before the appearance and distribution of large-format printing, many types of outdoor advertising often quickly came to full disrepair due to the negative impact on them of atmospheric precipitation and sunlight. Images and texts on banners and billboards burned out and became completely unreadable. Now all the advertising and printed products made using the technology of large format printing, which is covered with a special transparent film on top. It is designed to protect the color layer from decay and damage, significantly prolonging its service life. Regardless of whether the production of labels or printing banners, the possibilities of large-format printing allow you to produce both outdoor and indoor advertising.

Another very important advantage of large-format printing is the ability to make adjustments and necessary changes to the project at the stage of its design development. As a result, we receive exceptionally high-quality products, which do not cause any complaints from the customer.

Perhaps, most often large-format printing is used in the production of banners, posters and large billboards. The basis for this type of advertising is dense coated paper. The size of the sheet is chosen depending on the field of its application: if the poster is intended to notify a wide audience about the forthcoming large-scale event of a citywide scale, then the format A0 is used. As a result, we get an image poster that has already proved its effectiveness in large advertising campaigns more than once. For the production of ordinary posters, printing is carried out on sheets of A2 format, less often - A3.