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Lightbox standard

  • Aluminum profile 100-140 mm deep
  • Acrylic - 3-4 mm thickness
  • LEDs

Illuminated boxes (Light boxes)

Illuminated boxes and
Light boxes are basically illuminated advertisements that are usually mounted on the roofs and facades of buildings, it can be either standard rectangular signs, or more complex configurations, in the form of volumetric letters.

The advantage of light boxes is that they perfectly match with other carriers of advertising information, for example, with three-dimensional letters from acrylic, aluminum, PVC with LED lighting, as well as engraved luminous boxes made of composite.

Light boxes can be divided into three types:

  • Single-sided light boxes: they are installed most often on walls, they are a panel with a thickness of 100-160 mm., Facial (the luminous side is made of acrylic, the side walls are made of aluminum profile, the back part, on which the electrical equipment is mounted, the lighting is made of PVC) LED backlight LEDs
  • Two-sided light boxes: they are a panel with a thickness of 140-180 mm., Both sides are luminous, made of acrylic, side walls made of aluminum, LEDs and transformer are placed on the box profile) LED backlight LEDs
  • Light box VIP / PREMIUM from the milled composite plate: panel thickness of 40-200 mm. in which three-dimensional letters from acrylic are built in, 3D Effect) LED backlight LEDs